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Mr. Sidike Kuyateh of New York


Former MMA President, Hon. Musa Kamara Endorses Kafumba Kromah for MMA President

After considerable thinking and reflection, it’s my fiduciary duty to endorse the candidate that will be in the best interest of our dear community. Certainly, the man that is armed with courage and vision to stimulate the community that is needed so urgently is no other person but Mr. Kafumba  Kromah.

I have had a history of working with Mr. Kromah. His professionalism exhibited during my encountered with him serve as a testimonial that he doesn’t just talk the talk, but walk the talk. With Mr. Kromah as the president of MMA, I can see many transformations coming into the community.  Mr. Kromah contributions to the success of my inauguration, constitutional review committee, plus the background advised he offered me was the heart and soul of my administration achievement. Mr. Kromah might have his critics, but his thoughtfulness is an open secret.

He’s a man that can bring so many wonderful ideas on the table. I also love his manner in debating issues that he believed is the ways forward. This is a man who is not subjective but objective. I’ll like to urge all of my friends, followers, and associates to endorse the candidacy of Mr. Kromah.

The background of Mr. Kromah best prepares him for the many challenges ahead.  During 2002, he served as a vice president for MMA, at which time the organization was less than three years old. Since then with his tight schedule, he’s managed to participate in many events. Also, he has proven to having a managerial skill through the management of “Mandingo nation” web site. Arguably, he has successfully managed the site for the past couple of years without bias. The web site is a household name throughout the Mandingo community in and out of North America.

As a marriage man with two wonderful kids, he knows the difficulty of balancing life, education, and work schedule which has been one of the attributes to the low turnout of monthly meeting. I am under the impression that he will find a viable solution to the meeting attendance.

Community leadership is done free of charge, I therefore give kudos to Kafumba for his quest to lead our organization in this time of need. It will not be an easy journey, but I do believe he will stands up to the tasks. Remember there is so many magnets in this community that will be at your disposal, don’t hesitate to get them involve whenever needed. I pledge my support to Mr. Kromah, and I shall endeavor to share my experience with him.


Musa A . kamara

President Emeritus –MMA



President Musa Kamara