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Mrs. Madiaba Donzo of Minnesota



Minnesota Mandingo Association (MMA) hosts presidential election the end of a second year of current leadership. This has been the norm since the foundation of the organization. It is usually around the end of summer specifically July. Around this time, the community is engaged in election flavor of campaign and other fun things such as soccer games and community parties.

 During this time, everyone is asking to give out their shift at work only to be part of those memorable functions. At this time, we see people leave other states such as NY to attend our election and other functions. These functions are still recorded in memories. Nine out of ten of the reasons these functions are successful is due to high leadership’s skill and effective planning strategy.

Unfortunately, this has not been true for current president Mr. Mohamed Dolley. His leadership seems to change the norm to something different-dictatorship if you like. Many people including me are anxious to know the President’s stand on leveling the playing field for next election. What does the President alone with his officers has in mind? Is the President thinking of a second term? These are questions that are yet to be answered.

 MMA has been governed by many farsighted leaders including the Hon. Musa Kamara, Mr. Bangalee Trawally, Mr. Moses Dukuly, Mr. Ismael Komara, and Mr. Admed Sirleaf. It is unquestionably that these guys work diligently for the benefit of the community and to elevate MMA as most outstanding organization in the U.S. All these Honorable men served the community in different prospective.

Just to name few: Mr. Dukuly strengthen the community by creating unity and prosperity among MMA members; Mr. Trawally strikes and adopted the constitution we live by today; Mr. Sirleaf drives MMA to being bona fide member of FELMAUSA and also introduced second term which he started; Mr. Komara paid more attentions to FELMAUSA and organized a permanent place for monthly meeting; and Mr. Kamara sets up a mail box, solidified unity among MMA members, and kept the organization on top of FELMAUSA platform. Mr. Dolley, on the other hand, has exhibited nothing meaningful to the community thus far.

The change he will not do anything is high because he has overstayed his term and might be taking his exit soon. The Kamara administration fought hard to create and maintained the community’s website, but Mr. Dolley could not hold it together. Thank god for Mandingo Nation and Voice of Mandingo that MMA can boost of these web media. What is the problem with this administration?

 Is the President lacking leadership skill or is the community tire of listening to the President’s misfortune speeches or is people not finding it funny anymore to be involved? If you agree with me, I will infer that the President is lacking some skills. He might be lacking leadership and good communication skills.

It is true that he is popular around hair braiding salons, but not so popular in bringing people together. Today, everybody uses time wisely because ‘time is money’ as the saying goes. To take your time away from family and other valuable thing to MMA meeting should worth it. It is common to be told to “shut up” when you have something meaningful to contribute at current MMA meeting. It is also true that people’s opinions are not recognized as useful. This is a serious problem I see happening in our community.

 People are tire of going to community meeting that is contributing nothing meaningful in their lives in terms of value of time. That is to say, people are not comprehending anything worthy from MMA meetings and gatherings therefore, spending such time with family members or doing something valuable with your time is considered.

If you come five minutes late to MMA members, you probably find yourself standing during for the whole meeting because chairs were occupied. This was time peoples’ opinion was considered value and implemented. This was the time when people were treated with respect and dignity, the time people were proud to be a member of MMA.

 This time was during Mr. Kamara’s administration, one of the successful administrations MMA has ever seen. Unlike this time, the current President is not resilience and skillful enough to handle people and organize them. This is true because looking at the community it is considered a ‘grave yard’ for two good years. There has been no successful function or anything meaningful to the community.

The recent honoring of certificate to dignitaries was a fiasco. I think it was meant to fool the community in paying some attention to the Dolley’s doctrine. As a matter of fact, people who deserved to be certificated were ignored, and certificating dignitaries is not a new thing. If Mr. President thinks of this as an accomplishment, he needs to rethink it.

Mr. President, the community is yarning for new faces and is asking you to listen to them and set up a committee who will announce time for next election as soon as possible. You may agree or disagree with me but let’s face it, MMA deserves better than this. We were people of love and unity; we were highlighted and influential among other organizations in the U.S. We still carry along some of these legacies but have lost a lot of confidence among ourselves and other organizations. It is all blame on the President and his officials.

MMA former Presidents contributed meaningfully to the betterment of the community in all aspects. Many things were done to bridge the gap of MMA to its current stage before Mr. Dolly took office. Unity was guarantee to all regardless of your class and status, this is no more.

The community was full of fun and good time, this is no more. What’s the matter of this administration? I think the President is incompetent to handle the affair of the community. You may think it differently, but there is no wrong answer.

Ladies and gentlemen of MMA, it is about time we rescue the community from dictatorship government to democracy government. It is about time to fully involve in the community’s affair because it is everybody’s business. If we allow this administration to continue its terrible styles of governing, we will not enjoy the fruit of the seed we suffered to plant long ago, which is MMA. We must stand together to bring the community back to a better administration. This is opinion writing, don’t take it to heart!!!    


Written by: Mr. Abraham Turay