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Mohammed Fumba Bility Majoring: criminal justice Graduation date May 16,2010 From the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Mr.Ansu Sanoe of New York

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If I can graduate, absolutely yes you can

New University of Minnesota graduate, Mrs. Kotumu Kamara, challenges the community

  By: Staff writer

Twin Cities, Minnesota. Over the weekend, Mrs. Kotumu Kamara graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA degree in Global Studies and minor in Social Justice. Speaking at her graduation ceremony held in Brooklyn Center , Mrs. Kamara challenged the Mandingo community to enroll in school and graduate like she did. If she can graduate from University, absolutely everybody can. She told the audience that perseverance was her greatest asset in school.


Mrs. Kamara immigrated to the United States of America in 2003. Blind with no formal English education, she enrolled in Minnesota school for the blind where she also served as a Board Member of the Blind Association in the United States of America. In 2005, she took her GED and earned an admission to the University of Minnesota in 2006. In 2007, she married Mohamed Kamara. They are happily married with a daughter and are expecting a second child this year. .

“I’m honored and humbled to address you tonight. I would like to thank all the parents, families, spouses, and friends who encouraged and supported me during my academic struggle. My special thanks go to my beloved husband, Mr. Mohamed Kamara and the Kamara family. Without the help and support of my dear husband, Mr. Kamara, I won’t be here talking to you tonight” The new University graduate smilingly said.

Mrs. Kamara used the occasion to let people know that going to school in the United States is not an easy task; going to work, paying bills, sending money back home and meeting up with family obligations in the U.S is very challenging for students. However; that shouldn’t deter one from going to school. She also stated that in order for us (Mandingoes) to be able to overcome some of the outstanding obstacles to our progress in Liberia, we must first of all educate ourselves and our children for the future.

Mrs. Kamara disclosed that during her school year, her biology instructor underestimated her and she used that as a challenge. She wanted to prove to the instructor that just because a person is blind, it doesn’t mean they are incapable of earning a university degree. She will take that memory with her forever.

For his part, Mr. Yaya Kamara, the younger brother of Kotumu, thanked the Almighty Allah, his family, friends and everyone who helped to make his graduation possible. He asked former university graduates for guidance and support as they transition into their respective careers. Mr. Kamara challenged the brothers and sisters in the United States and elsewhere who are in school to stay in school to graduate. He called his sister’s academic achievement rewarding and a symbol of motivation for others to follow.

On behalf of the family, big brother, Mr. Amara Kamara, thanked Mrs. Kotumu and her brother, Yaya Kamara for their hard work and achievements. He said “I’m sorry that our Dad couldn’t make it here tonight, but he wrote a letter commenting on how he is happy and proud of you.” In addition to the degree, Mr. Kamara honored the graduates with medals and trophies. Brother Amara challenged the graduates to remain focus, respectful and helpful to others. Mr. Yaya Kamara graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice with minor in social Justice from Hamline University in St. Paul , Minnesota .

Other recipients of the medal include:

Mr. Mohamed Kamara- Husband of the year award

Mr. Chernor Haiderra, 1st family member to earn a degree.

Ms. Masa Kamara, Associate Degree, Management, North Hennepin Community College

Ms. Mamaka Kamara, supportive of the family award

To express your joy and congratulation to Mrs. Kamara, call 612-205-182 or 612-483-9240. The ceremony was graced by OLM Board members, President and former Presidents of Minnesota Mandingo Association, among others.

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